Estamos Aqui! (We’re Here!)


Our house was decorated when we arrived. We think Katherine (one of our AMAZING Providence teachers) broke into our house to surprise us. I’m sure she had some help too. We feel so loved!


We are here!

WE ARE ALIVE!!!! (so don’t worry, for those of you who are prone to worry :-))

We arrived safely Thursday evening and stayed the night in a hotel in San Pedro Sula. Friday morning we were picked up by our dear friends, Mizael and Douglas, “Los Jefes” (the bosses ;-0) at La Providencia, who then brought us safely to our new home in Siguatepeque. Sigua is in the mountains (about 4000 ft above sea level and 2 hours from the airport) and it is absolutely beautiful! Lush and tropical! If any of our senses have been lulled to sleep, I think I can safely say they are all wide awake now!

The sights, smells, tastes, noises, textures, patterns, language, rhythms of life, and everything in between are all very different and new to us. In a third world country like Honduras (according to “THEY,”  now the second poorest in the Western Hemisphere), these awakenings are not necessarily all pleasant, but certainly not all bad either.  There are lots of literal and figurative “pot holes” here, but the country and its people are beautiful and we are excited to DIVE IN!


Micah (top right), our new friendly neighbor, shows the kids his treehouse and zip line. Poor Justin has been banned from the fun. Surely he will find a way to zip when no one is looking 🙂


We are so blessed to be able to rent a small (but quite large by Honduran standards) 3 bedroom house on a local seminary property. It is safely guarded, has running FILTERED water (HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!), and awesome neighbors! (doubly HUGE) 🙂

The family next door is from Texas and the father helps run this seminary full time. They have lived here for 11 years and will be invaluable to us in many ways. They already have been incredible hosts to us. They have 4 young children (ages 9 yrs – 4 months), whom our kids have already attached themselves to.  We’ve already enjoyed their hammocks, playhouse, random swinging things, and a new  zip line in their backyard.

Yes, a zip line!  The kids have graduated from the School of Hard Knocks and now know to JUMP OFF before they slam into the tree at the end of the line 🙂   Micah Fittz (9 yrs) reassured Drew that the zip was totally fun and safe and only 15 out of 100 times has someone gotten hurt (and that was just one week)!

We ain’t at Family Camp anymore kids! Gotta love it!

Basically, our “compound” is a kids haven where they can run around and be free to slam into, fall off of, hang on to, jump into, pick from, swing from, and hide in things!

GOD is GOOD and KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT OUR KIDS NEED!  (Well, of course, He made them!)

The other homes are filled with temporary missions teams that come through weeks at a time or Honduran families who go to the seminary or work here in other capacites. Its a great mix and we look forward to meeting everyone.  Currently our other neighbors who just arrived for the week are from Georgia so we’ve already connected over all things Georgian 🙂 Que Bueno!


The last couple days have been spent “setting up shop” and getting the lay of the land.  Figuring out the internet has been somewhat frustrating as the faint signal we do get comes and goes unless Phil is willing to sit a certain way on the corner of the roof in the middle of a downpour – ;-0.

Shopping and learning to cook with Honduran products (minus the Prego that I picked up at Pricesmart (“Costco”), before eating at Burger King in San Pedro ;-)) has been a fun adventure for me. We  spend considerable time convincing our children that the food is not only edible, but GOOD here, unless otherwise told; and yes, often we tell them not to eat certain things.

We have been picking up some Espanol here and there and will officially start tutoring this week. I took a try at hand washing laundry on the “pila” and decided I preferred the newly installed communal washer and dryer when someone had an accident on the bed (No names will be released).

We also have been enjoying and even playing in the daily thunder storms that come through and DUMP heaven’s waters on us. Such a treat for us who live in hot and dry climates!

These are just a few things that stand out at the moment.  Slowly we are adjusting and truly trying to savor every minute.  I will share more on La Providencia later.

Now, It’s off to a birthday party that we were just invited to for someone we know nothing about.  I think I will bring some banana bread that just came out of the oven.


Parting shot of Justin. Seriously, you turn your back for 2 seconds and your kid comes back like this!

Hasta Luego!


34 thoughts on “Estamos Aqui! (We’re Here!)

  1. Yea, so glad that you arrived safely and are settling into your new home! Sounds like the kids are enjoying themselves. Enjoyed reading your blog and will look forward to following all of the happenings of your family’s time in Honduras.

  2. We are all, each one of us, so very blessed to enjoy this great adventure with you and your family! Thank you for your willingness to share these great and wonderful details – it’s amazing that you are able to find the time! God bless . . . . Pam

    • HAHAHA! Just seeing your name pop up makes me laugh, Victor! You all encourage us soooo much. I think I’m going to get you a machete to add to your repertoire. 🙂 Love to the family!

  3. Welcome to this amazing country, we love you very much and it is confortable to know that somehow you are here to support us spiritually!!! God bless you and it is an honor for us (La Providencia) to count on you..

  4. Becca this is amazing!! Thank you so much for keeping us updated, it definitely helps ease our worries. It sounds incredible and I’m thinking you would love a nanny so I’ll just fly down and be one! Please tell the kiddos I say hello, I love them, and miss them! That goes for you and Phil too:). Xoxox -sister

    • Funny you should say that. I hosted a small dinner party last night and one of the girls, Abby, who leads the Leader Treks teams all summer, TOTALLY reminded us of you. The kids were saying, “Doesn’t she look like Auntie Britt? She even talks like her too. AND, she has the same birthday as Britt. It’s so weird!” 🙂 I agreed, except she didn’t have anything stick in her eye tooth after eating like we do. hahahaha. Thanks for reading. love ya, sis. Come down and visit!

  5. So happy to hear that you all made it! Loving it that your kids have made friends already. Bay Life is praying for you!

    • THANKS so much. We covet all your prayers. We are going to enjoy Baylife’s Leader Trek team this week. We will take good care of them 😉

    • Greg, thanks so much. That was so encouraging. It’s ALL by God’s grace, right! I think the kids are really enjoying it. Especially the “Not wearing the seatbelt” thing. HAHAHA THanks so much for reading. All our love to you and Vicki, the kids, and ALL my family in Minnesota! Love you all!

  6. I was so excited to your blog! What an incredible experience for you so far, yet only the beginning. It appears that God has set you up for all you need and that your time there will be filled with quiet rest, ministry in ways you never imagined, and blessings you have already shared with all of the welcoming arms you have experienced so far, as well as those of us blessed to receive your blog! . Obviously God knew this is a journey that you are strong enough to endure and He has called you into a discipleship of the unknown, but has very special plans for you. The question I ask myself…would I have so enthusiastically said “yes” to His calling. I hope so! Continuing in prayer for your venture. God bless and lotsa hugs!
    Sandy Frith

    • Sandy, you said that all so beautifully! THank you so much for your encouragement. I might have to cut and paste what you said into one of my blogposts. 🙂 Thank you for your prayers and being right alongside with us here. You bless us greatly!

  7. Hope you have a wonderful adventure there! What a great way to introduce your children to another world! Looking forward to hearing more updates. Blessings to you all!

    • Well, of course!!! 🙂 Gotta keep the staples around. It was either banana bread that day or fruit fly bread the next 🙂 BTW, I believe YOU are the impressive one! Great to see you and hear your voice in my head 🙂 May God continue to pour out His blessings to you – His protection, provision, and abundant grace – as you faithfully serve Him in Irkutsk. So awesome!!!! Love getting your updates too!

  8. Loved loved your update. I feel like in there ! It’s hot as Hades here. Saw some older dude watering a ported plant out infront of your houste tonight. Your house plants are still alive. Knock on madera. How’s that for español , Phil ? Love you and I’m so excited for you guys !! Gods protection

      • I love you! You crack me up! I know it has been SUPER hot at home. We’ve enjoyed 75- 80 degree tropical weather here! Love it! Yeah for the old guy watering my plants! That’s probably Gordon from across the street. He’ll be over a lot “checking things out”. He’s our security and landscaper back home 🙂 Miss you all. Thanks for all your prayers!
        p.s. Several Texas A&M affliated people running around here. We’re telling them to keep an eye out for an awesome guy named Jared Russell in the fall 😉

  9. Pingback: A counter-cultural sabbath rest – Summer in Honduras | Light from the Darke

  10. Can picture it all – so glad you are there! Thank you for taking the time to write! So thankful for all of you!

    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Jen! We are thankful for you too! Hope to be writing lots more!

  11. Hi friends! I can hear your voice talking in your blogs and you are making me laugh and cry all at the same time! Life sounds amazing….even if it’s a bit scary. Puts a lot of things in perspective back here. I will spend the summer NOT complaining about the only furry thing in our backyard (the stinky dog) and the non-poisonous weeds in my flower beds! Thank you for being a blessing to everyone in Honduras as well as to those of us back home. Enjoy just be-ing! Love you guys!

    • 🙂 MIss you guys! The time is flying over here. It’s been amazing. We’ve been at La Providencia a lot this week. It’s amazing. I’ll share about it on the next blog! Thanks for your sweet words!

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